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Why Choose Natural Sapphires Ring Over Synthetic Sapphires Ring ?

Sapphires Ring some people would think is straight forward and easy but when you really think hard about Natural this question one could come up with many reasons for as well as against. Let’s start with the main difference between a Natural Sapphires Ring & synthetic sapphires. Today it’s estimated that nearly 80% of Sapphires […]

Sapphire Engagement Ring Virus Diamond engagement ring

Sapphire Engagement Ring Virus Diamond engagement ring An engagement ring is tremendous to be a gift that symbolizes everything you ever desired and to mark an attractive momentous in your life. There’s no uncertainty that diamonds are the furthermost prevalent stone choice for engagement rings, but still most of wives-to-be still choose sapphire. Correspondingly, both […]

Where Do Ceylon sapphires Come from?

Blue vivid sapphire

The Island of Sri Lanka formally known as Ceylon sits off the southern tip of India surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka (Ceylon) is approximately the same as West Virginia once called the jewelry box of India. Due to the high-quality gemstones found throughout this island. Sri Lanka is also known for its Tea, […]

How Much Should I Spend Engagement Ring ?

Blue sapphire and diamond ring

HOW MUCH SHOULD I SPEND ENGAGEMENT RING? Tradition says 3 months paycheck is traditionally the amount to set to one side for an engagement ring. However, this old tradition is not a good measurement, over the years we have sold thousands of natural sapphire engagement rings from $1,500 to over $40,000 over this time and […]

Creating a custom sapphire ring

Finding perfect engagement ring is one difficult task to do. With the wide range of beautiful sapphire rings at many stores to view, searching for that dream ring is not an easy task. What’s more interesting is that, you need to study the types of metals, precious stones, third-party certifications, shapes and colors, and so […]

What Color Blue Sapphire Should I Buy

Buy Dark royal blue = GIA B 7/4

What Blue Color Sapphire Should I Buy ? When it comes to choosing a sapphire by color we always tell our customers to choose a color that appeals to them, Blue sapphire account for over 80% of our sales even though sapphire can full under every color you can imagine from canary yellow to hot pinks and […]

What makes a Ceylon sapphire the best choice, durability, value, choice

What makes a Ceylon sapphire the best choice, durability, value, choice etc. Color has the most prime influence on sapphire’s value. The colors of Sapphire are what mesmerize us and the gorgeous shade shines through only when the color of the stone has proper hue, tone and saturation. In this article we will focus what […]