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Why Choose Natural Sapphires Ring Over Synthetic Sapphires Ring ?

Sapphires Ring some people would think is straight forward and easy but when you really think hard about Natural this question one could come up with many reasons for as well as against. Let’s start with the main difference between a Natural Sapphires Ring & synthetic sapphires. Today it’s estimated that nearly 80% of Sapphires […]

Sapphire Engagement Ring Virus Diamond engagement ring

Sapphire Engagement Ring Virus Diamond engagement ring An engagement ring is tremendous to be a gift that symbolizes everything you ever desired and to mark an attractive momentous in your life. There’s no uncertainty that diamonds are the furthermost prevalent stone choice for engagement rings, but still most of wives-to-be still choose sapphire. Correspondingly, both […]

What Color Blue Sapphire Should I Buy

Buy Dark royal blue = GIA B 7/4

What Blue Color Sapphire Should I Buy ? When it comes to choosing a sapphire by color we always tell our customers to choose a color that appeals to them, Blue sapphire account for over 80% of our sales even though sapphire can full under every color you can imagine from canary yellow to hot pinks and […]

Ring the Wedding Bells with the Best Rings

Wedding–A lifetime event Wedding is the start of the most beautiful journey in a person’s life. It is termed as a beautiful journey because a lot of memorable things are attached with it right from its preparations to the final execution and till the time both the partners live together. Marriage is a legal binding […]

Make your Engagement an event worth Remembering


Engagement – an initiator of the beautiful life ahead Engagement marks the beginning of a very beautiful relationship the human beings get into. It is the relationship of marriage that initiates all the new experiences of life. Engagement can be called a pre-wedding ceremony in which couples get a chance to know each other, understand […]

Who are the GIA, Learn about the GIA and there part in Gemstones

Who are the GIA, Learn about the GIA and there part in GemstonesThe GIA which stands for the gemological institute of America, has today acquired the status of a globally recognised organisation, dedicated to research, study and certification of all kinds of gemstones which exist naturally on Earth. It doesn’t matter if you are going […]

What is a Sapphire learn every thing about sapphire

What is a Sapphire learn everything about sapphire Learn About Sapphire is one of the most popular precious gemstones in the world, that is used for all kinds of purposes. Blue Sapphire jewelry is a mainstay of jewelry shops around the world and the gemstone stands apart in terms of its unique color and composition. […]

Natural sapphire rings at wholesale prices

Wholesale prices of Natural Sapphire Rings Wholesale prices of all of our natural mined Ceylon sapphires by hand with each sapphire chosen to be set into its own custom made Rings Wholesale Prices choosing from an infinitive selection of brilliant-cut diamonds according to customer demand & design preferences for both weddings, anniversary to engagement rings. […]