Sapphire Ring Prices

With our prices at Sapphire Ring Company  are based on how well we able to buy each sapphire for at the markets and mines in Sri Lanka, as there are no real set prices when buying from the source our only aim is being able to buy at a price were we can sell at or below wholesale to our customers, even though prices can fluctuate our aim is to be able to buy only the best sapphires in both qualities, color, cut and size and be able to sell those sapphires set into custom made rings at wholesale prices or less.

Ceylon Sapphire Ring, Emerald cut.

We had occasion were one sapphire at say 3.50 cts with the same color, cut and clarity is cheaper than a sapphire at say 2.75 cts, unlike diamonds, were prices are set by the main distributor/cartel De Beers all gemstone prices at market or mining level can change dramatically when buying from the source.

Sapphire Education

Even though the price for this custom sapphire ring is higher than the last cushion cut sapphire ring we sold last year you will find that it still approx 50% less than you would find in a regular high street jeweler or online.

Ceylon Blue Sapphire Ring, Cushion cut.
We travel frequently throughout each year to Sri Lanka to buy the majority of the sapphires we have for sale to ensure prices remain competitive in the wholesale market and once a sapphire has been certified by our gemologist here and then finally by the GIA our jewelers will start work on a custom platinum diamond ring for that one sapphire.
I hope this information on sapphire prices has to be helpful, we open 7 days a week with a live person available to answer any questions you have 24/7 365 days a year.

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