How Much Should I Spend Engagement Ring ?


Tradition says 3 months paycheck is traditionally the amount to set to one side for an engagement ring.
However, this old tradition is not a good measurement, over the years we have sold thousands of natural sapphire engagement rings from $1,500 to over $40,000 over this time and working with our customers we always have taken on the stance to take two factors into consideration.
#1 what your budget is
#2 what the expectations are for your future fiancé
With this information taken into account the choices can still be endlessly, if your working on your own as a surprise it’s always worth getting to know what design, colors & size your future wife is expecting also try gathering information from her best friends as well as taking the time to speak with her family if your not sure.
Platinum Sapphire Ring-Vivid Blue Cushion 4.12 ct GIA
Now If you have a pretty good idea your self it’s important to stay in budget, it’s very easy to let emotions carry you away and before you know it you could have spent must more than you wanted or what you’re fiancé would want you to spend. Don’t go into debt for an engagement ring!
For our customers looking at a sapphire engagement ring, we offer wholesale prices which makes a large financial saving over retail pricing, we don’t pay commission to any of our employees and we don’t spend thousands of dollars on marketing.
It’s estimated that a typical store or large website will take over 50% of what you spend on commissions & marketing and this is before they make a profit.
Today a good quality 3.5 ct sapphire ring can fetch prices online or at your local jewelry store for well over $15,000.00, even though these prices for this size sapphire is quite normal it doesn’t have to be.
Buying your engagement ring at wholesale prices will save you thousands of dollars & at this point in time you want to save as much as you can for future wedding cost.
Typically one of our customs made platinum diamond rings set with natural royal blue 3.50 carat sapphire can be purchased for under $6,500 saving you thousands all accompanied with GIA report which essential when buying any gemstone or diamond.
We offer 1000’s designs with every ring custom made for that one sapphire. We also are aware despite over 200 custom rings available to ship today that the design your looking for we might not carry?
That’s not a problem using our custom ring service, where we can pull any sapphire from a ring to be reset into your perfect design through our custom ring service.
Over the years we tried to make this process easy to use, we ship you the sapphire for approval first with free pre-paid return shipping while a CAD designer works on creating your perfect design.
Once the sapphire is hand chose and the final design approved one of our master jewelers start on creating the perfect ring all at prices most jewelers would be able to buy at.
We’re open 7 days a week with a live specialist to speak with on your first call, because we know you have a busy schedule we open 24 hrs a day. This allows you to call us on your schedule as well as keeping this process private.
You will always be in good hands and our feedback speaks for itself.
0.63 tcw Custom Platinum Sapphire & Diamond Band
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We are always happy to help in your search for the future perfect engagement ring & stay in or under budget @

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